Better Humans, Better Planet

About us

The Cesar Millan foundation was created by the world's foremost dog expert. With over 25 years of canine experience, Cesar's profound approach to achieving balance and harmony with dogs has been passed down globally for generations. The foundation is committed to promoting and teaching compassionate behavior.

To best address the growing challenges facing today's children, the Cesar Millan Foundation has combined our proven successes to help provide the nation's children with opportunity and tools to be the compassionate, caring and community centric people!

Our mission

The Cesar Millan Foundation is dedicated to childhood education- Connecting youth with animals to better understand their natural instincts, energy and selves; fostering the development of better humans and a better planet.

Connect children back to their natural simple profound selves.

Create engaged students who are respectful and compassionate citizens of the greater community.

Foster a sense of responsibility for children to act upon their personal beliefs.

Cultivate empathy for animals and, as a result, decrease animal abuse in our society.

Offer effective ways to reduce and prevent violence in school and at home.

Cesar's Story

Best-selling author, philanthropist, father, public speaker, and star of the Emmy-nominated ‘Dog Whisperer’ series syndicated on National Geographic, Celebrity Dog Enthusiast Cesar Millan has built an impressive empire from humble beginnings and an undeniable calling. In December of 1990, a 21-year-old Cesar Millan crossed the border from Mexico into California with a dream. While living on the streets of San Diego, he landed a job grooming dogs and soon gained a reputation for his calming effect on even the most difficult animals.

Determined with the money he saved, he started a freelance dog rehabilitation service, primarily offering his expertise with extreme cases. This led to the opening of his first Dog Psychology Center, the current 43-acre site in Santa Clarita. The Dog Psychology Center is featured location in many of Cesar’s TV Shows, including ‘Cesar Millan Dog Nation’ and ‘Cesar 911’.

The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan held the position of one of the National Geographic’s highest rated TV series with 9 seasons. His most recent show, ‘Dog Nation’, showed an in-depth look of his family dynamic specifically with his son as they embarked on a cross-country road trip to discover inspirational canine stories and connect with people and organizations that are working to make our world a better place for us and our pets.

"Dogs know how comfortable you are with yourself, how happy you are, how fearful you are, and what is missing inside of you."

– Cesar Millan

"Dogs know how comfortable you are with yourself, how happy you are, how fearful you are, and what is missing inside of you."

– Cesar Millan


CMF Youth Camp

A hands -on weekend camp experience, connecting youth with animals, nature and their spirit through the art & music. The CMF Youth Camp will be piloted in the summer of 2021 if we can secure initial funding partners and can identify appropriate staff and roles needed.

Virtual Teacher &
Training program

Virtual Trainings provide an introduction to humane education – using animals and/or nature to help connect youth back to their natural, simple, profound selves – creating confidence, self-under.

Cesar Millan Foundation and North Shore Animal League America Mutt-I-Grees® Curriculum are working together to leverage each other’s strengths – ensuring more children are exposed to Social-Emotional Learning through the animal / human connection. Working together, Cesar Millan is providing private virtual trainings to teachers and parents that are enrolled in NSALA’s Mutt-I-Grees® program – educating the educators to reach more children. Our goal is to help foster Better Humans creating a Better Planet.

Dog Psychology Center
rescue & rehabilitation

The Dog Psychology Center (DPC) is nestled in 45 acres of beautiful rolling hills in Santa Clarita, California. It’s the continuing evolution of Cesar’s dream for a facility where dogs can gather as a pack for training and rehabilitation in a ranch-like setting. With plenty of roads and trails for walks, a training pool, substantial air-conditioned kennels, and more.

The Dog Psychology Center (DPC) is home to 40+ rescues and rehabilitation animals. The regular pack at the DPC is used to assist in rehabilitation of animals for Board & Train, as well as education and demonstration for the CMF Youth Camp, Field Trips and Volunteer/Internship Programs.