Better Children. Better Planet.

About Us

The Cesar Millan foundation was created by the world’s foremost dog expert. With over 25 years of canine experience, Cesar’s profound approach to achieving balance and harmony with dogs has been passed down globally for generations. The foundation is committed to promoting and teaching compassionate behavior.

To best address the growing challenges facing today’s children, the Cesar Millan Foundation has combined our proven successes to help provide the nation’s children with opportunity and tools to be the compassionate, caring and community centric people!

Our Mission

The Cesar Millan Foundation is dedicated to childhood education- Connecting youth with animals to better understand their natural instincts, energy and selves; fostering the development of better humans and a better planet.


  • Connect children back to their natural simple profound selves.
  • Create engaged students who are respectful and compassionate citizens of the greater community.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility for children to act upon their personal beliefs.
  • Cultivate empathy for animals and, as a result, decrease animal abuse in our society.
  • Offer effective ways to reduce and prevent violence in school and at home.

“It becomes very obvious, by reading a dog, how stable or unstable his human companion is. Our dogs are our mirrors.”

– Cesar Millan









TCW | KIDS is a learning platform that has originated from Cesar Millan’s master teaching – reworked and shaped to connect with youth about natural instincts and their innate superpowers.

TCW | KIDS uses animals and nature to demonstrate instinct; helping children better understand and trust themselves.


TCW | LEADERS was developed for executives, influencers, political leader and/or anyone who is a “role model” to our youth – including parents, teachers, and anyone else!

TCW | LEADERS offers the fundamentals of Cesar’s philosophy, and entirely directed towards the human – using animals and nature to demonstrate and provide examples of natural order, instincts and self awareness.


The Dog Psychology Center is home to over 40+ rescues at any given time. The rescue animals at the Dog Psychology Center all have different stories and troubling backgrounds from which they are making a recovery.

While staying at the Dog Psychology Center, Cesar Millan’s team of provide the necessary care and training necessary to fully rehabilitate their minds, bodies and spirits. Many of the rescues become long-term residents and pack members; while others are rehomed.

Cesar's Story

Cesar Millan is a household name and 3x Emmy nominated internationally acclaimed star of several hit TV series broadcasted and streamed in over 120 countries. A New York Times #1 best-selling author, and accomplished global public speaker, Millan is also an entrepreneur with an innovative product line including his widely popular and exclusive training courses under his Training Cesar’s Way brand. Cesar Millan is one of the most sought-after authorities in the field of dog behavior and rehabilitation. He is the only world renowned celebrity dog behaviorist and has taken it to another level with his mission through the Cesar Millan Foundation for better humans, better planet.

Cesar Millan has built an impressive empire from humble beginnings and an undeniable calling. In December of 1990, a 21-year-old Cesar Millan crossed the border from Mexico into California with a dream. While living on the streets of San Diego, he landed a job grooming dogs and soon gained a reputation for his calming effect on even the most difficult animals.

Determined with the money he saved, he started a freelance dog rehabilitation service, primarily offering his expertise with extreme cases. Cesar believes that we should never work against mother nature. Through his teachings, millions of people have learned that energy is everything. He is committed to spreading his message of calm, confidence, love, and joy in everything we do. For Cesar, life should only be natural, simple, and profound, which is what you will find at his ever growing 43 acre paradise, the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita. By understanding animals and nature, he has enabled himself to see humanity and understand all of its facets and complications. He’s learned so much about man by studying our best friend.

"Dogs know how comfortable you are with yourself, how happy you are, how fearful you are, and what is missing inside of you."

– Cesar Millan

"Dogs know how comfortable you are with yourself, how happy you are, how fearful you are, and what is missing inside of you."

– Cesar Millan